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Spend more time with your team

Stay up-to-date while being on-the-go.

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Retail store solutions

With stores

Know what needs attention before you arrive.

Track news and performance while you're on the move, so you can use your time in stores more effectively.

Retail HQ solutions

With HQ

Shelter your stores from noise.

Avoid having to run interference since HQ teams see each others comms and stores only see relevant messages.

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Before Zipline, we had to go five million different places to find information – and now it’s all in one place. This has been life-changing – it really has.
Jacqueline H.
District Manager
Zipline customer

Case Studies

TOMS streamlined 80% of ops work

TOMS got stores and HQ aligned, streamlining 80% of their operations in the process.

They've cut down on time spent answering store questions by 60% alone.

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