Resources for retail

Expert InterviewsFrench Merlots and Pink Flamingos

Thoughts on retail strategy from Down Under – Part II

Expert InterviewsAustralian Lessons for American Retailers

Cautionary tales from Starbucks, Amazon, and beyond.

Store ExperienceIndulging in the Starbucks Reserve Roastery

In the fourth part of our series on customer experience in Seattle, we visit the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and hear Russian proverbs.

Store ExperienceAdventuring through REI

In the third part of our series on customer experience in Seattle, we explore REI’s flagship and discover a parking garage waterfall.

Store ExperienceExploring Amazon Books

In the second part of our series on customer experience in Seattle, we check out Amazon Books and wind up making some impulse purchases.

Store ExperienceWhat’s the Matter with Seattle?

Kicking off a series on how Seattle’s retailers approach customer experience differently. First up, Amazon Go.

Expert InterviewsThe Trends Shaping Retail

Wharton's Prof. Barbara Kahn on Jeff Bezos' wisdom and more.

Expert InterviewsBuilding the Right Customer Experience

Wharton's Prof. Barbara Kahn on the importance of knowing your customer.

Expert InterviewsA New Framework for Retail Strategy

Wharton's Prof. Barbara Kahn on the matrix that explains retail strategy.

Industry TrendsAmazon’s Next Challenge: Retail Communications

Amazon recently bought Whole Foods. What challenges will they run into?

Retail ExecutionHow To Train Your Seasonal Workforce to Ensure Holiday Success

How retailers can offer unique and memorable shopping experiences to holiday shoppers, both online and offline.

Employee EngagementWhy Investing in Employee Engagement is the Key to Great In-Store Execution

Employee engagement is one of the key factors that keeps turnover low while leading to great execution.

Retail Communications5 Steps To Better Store Communication

Wondering why stores don't read messages from HQ? Here are some tips to fix your comms.