Track surveys in progress, so you know who to pester – without getting pestered yourself.

How Surveys helps

Solutions for retailers

HQ and Communications Teams


Get responses the first time

See who hasn’t completed a live survey yet, so you can remind them while it's still in progress.
Avoid doing surveys over and delaying results because you found out too late which stores didn't participate.
Retail task survey
Retail survey management


Cut out the middleman

Eliminate having everyone ask, one-by-one, about the status of a survey or what numbers came back.
Let HQ teams access the results directly instead of having one team with a single login control everything.


Slice and dice results

Avoid asking field teams their name, role, or store number, since those populate automatically.
Get reporting that already breaks down results according to everyone’s role in the retail hierarchy.
Retail survey results
I highly recommend Zipline for any retail organization. What matters most is execution. And Zipline improves execution.
Jessica Siwy
Sr. Manager of Store Operations & Customer Service