Resource Library

Answers, without the effort

Organize resources with less clutter and better branding – without needing help from IT.

How Resource Library helps

Retail HQ solutions

HQ and Communications Teams


Faster publishing

Upload multiple documents at once, and eliminate duplicate or outdated versions.
Grant publishing rights to multiple teams, so information doesn’t get bottlenecked.
Retail portal publishing
Targeted resources for stores


Smarter targeting

Tailor content by role (eg, district managers), by store type (eg, outlets), or by region to reduce clutter.
Rely on a search tool that crawls through attachments and excels on mobile.


Plug-and-play branding

Build more engaging content without needing a background in design or IT.
Add videos, images, gifs, and your company’s branding with drag-and-drop ease.
Brandable portal
Portal solution for stores

Store Teams


Search that actually works

Instantly find the information you’re looking for, and do it on mobile so you don’t have to leave the sales floor.
Filter by keyword or category, and search within attachments, too.
Store portal for associates
Browsable portal


Less clutter, more certainty

See only the information that’s relevant to your role, store type, and region – automatically.
Rest assured that you’re looking at the most up-to-date version of each file.


More captivating material

Browse through resources in an environment that looks and feels like your company’s brand.
Learn from videos, images, and gifs, instead of just reading walls of text.
Engaging portal content
Zipline saves probably at least an hour a day from not having to search for things.
Jacqueline H.
District Manager
Zipline customer