Retail communications software you’ll actually love

Zipline's communications and task management solution helps retailers coordinate their brick-and-mortar stores and boost employee engagement.

Messages and Tasks

A communications platform built specifically for the retail hierarchy.

Store leaders, district managers, and HQ all get a personalized digest of what’s new and what’s due.

They also get a calendar, a daily checklist, and the ability to track store execution – all while on the go.

Retail communication and task management software
Retail store portal

Resource Library

A brandable home for your team’s live-long documents.

Target materials by role, store type, or region so everyone sees only what’s relevant to them.

Resource Library fully supports multimedia, and features search that actually works.


An internal survey tool that allows real-time tracking.

Because it’s connected to your org chart, it knows which stores have filled out a survey and which need encouragement.

That way, you can get full participation the first time.

Retail employee engagement survey
Retail communications tools


A chat module that completes the feedback loop.

Allows stores to talk to each other and share intel with HQ.

Groups lets you create channels flexibly, but comes with built-in controls so HQ can moderate content and users as needed.

Zipline gets the exact right information to the exact right people in the exact right way.
Elliott Percival
Retail Operations Coordinator