Smarter, faster feedback

Hear the voice of the customer and share learnings from the field – in real-time.

Retail HQ solutions

HQ and Communications Teams


Build a tighter feedback loop

Create channels so stores can tell you how customers are reacting to your products, promos, and marketing.
Get a clear picture of the field without having to wait for emails and insights to work their way up the chain.
Store feedback
Retail communication compliance


Keep control, decrease risk

Empower stores to communicate amongst themselves, while maintaining the ability to moderate content.
Reduce legal risks by getting rid of unsanctioned tools, obscene content, and ex-employees.


Consolidate your comms

Encourage stores to share best practices, districts to operate like teams, and the field to inform HQ.
Manage all of it without making people log-in to yet another communications platform.
One-stop shop for retail communications
Store solutions

Store Teams


Work as a team

Share your learnings with your store, district, and HQ so everyone hears the voice of the customer.
Send photos and documents in a way that’s organized and easy to track.
Retail store teamwork
Retail store coordination


Coordinate without the risk

Avoid having to rely on unsanctioned tools in order to do your job effectively.
Create groups for the teams and topics you want, and exclude ex-employees automatically.


Use one tool for everything

Manage comms on one platform instead of having to log-in to multiple tools constantly.
Talk to your teammates in real-time, from mobile, so you don’t have to leave the sales floor.
Retail communications platform
Zipline has been such a relief! It's been so well received by everyone and our teams are loving it.
Brooke Monahan
Retail Operations Project Lead