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Know exactly what's expected of you

Quiet the noise, plan your day, and get back to your customers.

How Zipline helps you work

Solutions for retail HQ

With HQ

Get clear

HQ sends you only the information that applies to your store. It’s easy to read, sort, search, and track.

Solutions for teams

With your team

Stay accountable and productive.

Assign tasks, see who’s read each message, and leave comments for your teammates.

Solutions for customer experience

With customers

Return to the sales floor, informed.

Engage customers with useful product information and cultivate the right store experience.

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With Zipline, everything is condensed. I don't need to sit in the backroom and look through three emails and a newsletter to find the info I need to do my job.
Vanessa Zapfe

Case Studies

TOMS streamlined 80% of ops work

TOMS got stores and HQ aligned, streamlining 80% of their operations in the process.

They've cut down on time spent answering store questions by 60% alone.

How much faster could you move?

Favorite solutions for store teams.