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2:15pm - 2:35pm
Thursday, June 6

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Our talk with LEGO

Building blocks: How LEGO assembles engaging stores and happy employees

Michael Cass, LEGO Retail product owner, will join Zipline CEO Melissa Wong on-stage to discuss how the LEGO Group: 

  • Overcame communications hurdles
  • Reinvented retail operations while inspiring employees
  • Balances technology and people to craft the right store experience

Come see what you can apply to your brand.

2:15pm-2:35pm on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

Knowing what it's like to work in a shop and receive all the different communications from all the different avenues, the idea of having one place I can go for everything is truly magical.
Lindsay Nelson
Retail Communications Manager

Case Studies

TOMS streamlined 80% of ops work

TOMS got stores and HQ aligned, streamlining 80% of their operations in the process.

They've cut down on time spent answering store questions by 60% alone.

How much faster could you move?