The Duck Challenge

Let’s get quacking

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Why store communication matters

The duck exercise illustrates three key points
Retail software expertise


Even simple projects can be interpreted in many different ways.

Retail software customer success


Communications can breakdown in a small group – how much more so with hundreds of stores?

Happy retail software customers


To get consistent execution, what and how you communicate is key.

Why stores fall behind

Execution usually breaks down because communication breaks down. And yet most brands still manage their fleet of stores through endless email, countless documents, and antiquated technology.
Stores overwhelmed
Stores get overwhelmed with information, and don't know what to prioritize. Things don't get done.
Poor-performing stores
Headquarters can’t track what’s happening – but sees sales and customer satisfaction decline.
Declining customer satisfaction
Customers don’t experience your brand the way it was intended and shop elsewhere instead.

How Zipline helps

Retailers love Zipline because it creates a one-stop shop for communications that HQ and field teams understand and trust.
Our most popular solutions include:
Messages and Tasks for retail

Messages and Tasks

Target information to your stores in a way that's easy for them to digest and for everyone to track.
Resource Library for retail

Resource Library

Make your evergreen resources simple to maintain, effortless to search, and always on brand.

A few brands who've improved their store communications with Zipline

Cole Haan
Lumber Liquidators
Zipline has 100% transformed the way we work. We’re finally able to engage employees at every level and achieve consistent store execution.
Emily Lane
Director, Communications Strategy and Operations
Gap Inc.

See Zipline in action

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