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Industry TrendsWhat We Can Learn From Retailers that Have Reopened in China

As COVID-19 made its way from China to the rest of the world, the staggered path of the virus provided a silver lining - allowing health experts, governments, economists and others to look to China as an example of what the rest of the world can expect in the future. In this article, we share five lessons from China retailers that have reopened stores following COVID-19.

Retail CommunicationsBest Practices for Comms During Crisis

The international crisis that continues to unfold each day is shining a spotlight on the importance of retail store communication. If companies can easily and efficiently convey information to their employees, wherever they are, they can ensure everyone understands new safety policies and procedures and is able to communicate a single message to customers. 

Retail CommunicationsCOVID-19: Retail Response Best Practices

In these uncertain times, it can be hard to know how to ease fear, keep your employees safe, and communicate and share updates as the situation around coronavirus (COVID-10) continues to evolve. Our talented team, many of which are former retail professionals, have been putting our heads together and came up with a few best practices for communicating during a crisis that we wanted to share with you.

Industry TrendsZ-Tail Report: Gen Z Shopping Habits

As retailers create new strategies to engage shoppers through unique in-store experiences, study reveals 58% of Gen Z prefers a physical shopping experience.

Retail ExecutionThe Importance of Store Execution in Loss Prevention

Loss prevention professionals are constantly updating policies to meet the newest threats, but it’s up to store teams to execute them.

Retail ExecutionHow Product Knowledge Affects Sales Execution

Brick-and-mortar customers are looking for something they couldn’t get online. Often, that’s deep product knowledge, and store employees need to be ready.

Retail ExecutionThe Importance of Store Execution in Rolling Out New Technology

Technology is the key to success for brick-and-mortar retailers, but it’s up to store teams to use it. Follow these steps to make your rollout a success.

Industry TrendsThe BYOD Deep Dive

Wondering if you should allow BYOD in your retail stores? It’s already there. Here’s what you need to know.

Retail CommunicationsSelling a Store Comms Platform Internally

Sometimes the people who do the work are the ones who find the solution. Then they need to get others to buy in.

Store ExperienceStore Execution and Its Impact on Category Management

Even the best category management can fall apart if stores don’t execute tasks like replenishment, setting promotional displays, completing recalls, etc.

Retail ExecutionThe Promises and Perils of Promotional Displays

A well-executed promotional display is a great way to boost retail sales – if you execute it correctly.

Retail CommunicationsThe Role of the Modern Store Communications Team

A well-organized store comms team armed with the right tools can be the key to better retail execution.

Retail Communications12 Questions to Consider Before Buying a Communications and Task Management Solution

Learn the key questions to ask when evaluating a SaaS retail communications platform.

Store ExperienceWhen It Comes to Shopping, Brick-and-Mortar Takes the Prize

Why brick-and-mortar retailers who deliver on customer experience are thriving.

Store ExperienceThe Power of Physical Stores to Woo Online Shoppers

Brick-and-mortar retailers can lure online shoppers by offering compelling in-store experiences.

Employee EngagementBest Practices for Boosting Retail Employee Engagement

Engaged employees lead to profitable companies. Try these 5 tips to help increase engagement among store employees.

Retail Communications5 Steps To Better Store Communication (Updated for 2019)

How retailers can improve communications between HQ and stores, and make sure their messages stick.

Store ExperienceWhat Walmart’s Cleanliness Experiment Teaches about Customer Feedback

Walmart learned the hard way how to solicit and interpret customer feedback.

Industry TrendsRetailers Reinventing Themselves

How Target, Walmart, and even Sears are rethinking their approaches to stores.

Industry TrendsSurviving the Dreaded Middle

The "middle class" of retail is getting squeezed. Here's what they can do to fight.

Industry TrendsHow Brick and Mortar Affects Digital Sales

The halo effect physical stores have on digital retail, and how that should impact your retail strategy.

Industry TrendsGen Z and Retail

Where Gen Z differs from the Millennial generation, and what it means for brick-and-mortar stores.

Industry TrendsFrom Click to Brick

Why digitally native retailers are turning to physical stores as a new growth channel.

Store ExperienceRetail: Learning from Banks

What retailers should learn from banks about creating engaging customer experiences in their brick-and-mortar spaces.

Industry TrendsPersonalization and Localization in Stores

How three retailers are using technology to improve the brick-and-mortar experience.

Employee EngagementLessons on Employee Engagement

Other industries have addressed employee engagement in creative ways.

Store ExperienceBrick and Mortar Success in a Digital World

Using physical stores to enhance customer experience and thrive in a digital landscape.

Industry TrendsLearning from Digital Native Retailers

What traditional retailers should take away from their digital native counterparts.

Industry TrendsInnovations That Could Help Transform Store Experience

What to expect from new twists on bluetooth and smart checkout.

Store ExperienceHow Kohl’s is Breathing New Life Into an Old Model

What retailers can learn from Kohl’s right-size makeover.

Expert InterviewsFrench Merlots and Pink Flamingos

Thoughts on retail strategy from Down Under – Part II

Expert InterviewsAustralian Lessons for American Retailers

Cautionary tales from Starbucks, Amazon, and beyond.

Store ExperienceEating Our Way through Nordstrom

In the fifth and final entry in our series on customer experience in Seattle, we check out the Nordstrom flagship and discover the world’s finest vending machine.

Store ExperienceIndulging in the Starbucks Reserve Roastery

In the fourth part of our series on customer experience in Seattle, we visit the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and hear Russian proverbs.

Store ExperienceAdventuring through REI

In the third part of our series on customer experience in Seattle, we explore REI’s flagship and discover a parking garage waterfall.

Store ExperienceExploring Amazon Books

In the second part of our series on customer experience in Seattle, we check out Amazon Books and wind up making some impulse purchases.

Store ExperienceWhat’s the Matter with Seattle?

Kicking off a series on how Seattle’s retailers approach customer experience differently. First up, Amazon Go.

Expert InterviewsThe Trends Shaping Retail

Wharton's Prof. Barbara Kahn on Jeff Bezos' wisdom and more.

Expert InterviewsBuilding the Right Customer Experience

Wharton's Prof. Barbara Kahn on the importance of knowing your customer.

Expert InterviewsA New Framework for Retail Strategy

Wharton's Prof. Barbara Kahn on the matrix that explains retail strategy.

Industry TrendsAmazon’s Next Challenge: Retail Communications

Amazon recently bought Whole Foods. What challenges will they run into?

Retail ExecutionHow To Train Your Seasonal Workforce to Ensure Holiday Success

How retailers can offer unique and memorable shopping experiences to holiday shoppers, both online and offline.

Employee EngagementWhy Investing in Employee Engagement is the Key to Great In-Store Execution

Employee engagement is one of the key factors that keeps turnover low while leading to great execution.

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