Retail Sales Execution Study Results

At the end of 2020, we partnered with Coyle Hospitality and sent secret shoppers into 100 brands’ stores to see whether health and safety was sidelining execution.

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A day in the life of retail, powered by Zipline:


After clocking in for the day, Julie opens her Zipline dashboard. In less than a minute, she knows exactly what’s on her plate for the busy day ahead: outstanding tasks, top priority messages from HQ, and events happening today.


With a few clicks, Julie shares a message about a product launch with Brian. He’s able to scan through the message (and watch a quick video) all from his handheld device, then takes a quick survey to test his knowledge. His results roll up to his District Manager immediately upon completion.


Julie joins Brian on the salesfloor and walks him through today’s tasks on the day sheet. She’s able to delegate outstanding items in less than two minutes, and Brian has all the information he needs to move the business forward today.


Nick, a District Manager, is on his way to Julie’s store for a visit. While on the road, he gets reporting updates in real-time and can see how her team is tracking on recent tasks. He sees they’re overdue for a store audit, and sends Julie a quick message to prepare.


Meanwhile, at Headquarters, Rowena finalizes new communications and schedules them to go out over the next two weeks. Thanks to Zipline’s auto-magical publishing interface, what used to take her multiple hours now takes as little as one click.

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"I had to leave retail to help save it."

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“Zipline allowed us to take communications out of email, where they frequently got lost, and place them in a well organized, intuitive and flexible tool.”

Scott Thomas Manager | Store Communications |

“The UX is so friendly for Home Office and Field teams. We've cut clicks and have simplified the way we communicate with stores.”

Corey Boyea Director | Store Operations |

“I cannot put into words how much the store teams and our Store Ops team LOVES Zipline. It's made a massive impact.”

Kristy Ribble Director | Store Operations |

The Zipline Solution:

Messages and Tasks

Our flagship product that started it all. Your store's go-to platform for need-to-know information and need-to-do tasks.

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Resource Library

A brandable home for live-long documents, videos, training modules, and more (with search that actually works) entire organization with minimal effort at HQ and maximum execution in the field.

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An internal survey tool that can flex with your org chart. Collecting information has never been easier.

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A trusted place for dialogue, discussion, and debate (all tracked and moderated, of course).

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An audit platform built from the ground-up with retailers’ needs in mind. Powerfully simple, with no training required.

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Retail Sales Execution Study Results

At the end of 2020, we partnered with Coyle Hospitality, a market leader in implementing programs for customer experience, quality benchmarking, brand compliance and market research, to study the effects of the pandemic on sales execution.

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